Participating in Noel’s Kundalini Yoga Online classes has been a beautiful journey to me.

I had the honour to participate in Noel’s class live before and I have to say both experiences, online and live, have been incredible and very worth it.

Noel has a beautiful energy to him, very soothing and caring, that makes you feel comfortable and at peace when you are with him. And during his lessons, that energy translates in what he is teaching. He creates such wonderful spaces, even in the distance, in which he delivers his teachings and knowledge with lots of love and kindness. Noel is very conscious when preparing his lessons, always looking for a topic that will resonate with the different sets he delivers, accompanying it with beautiful and blissful music to sooth the body, mind and heart.

Noel is very clear when giving instructions for the different poses and meditations of the set, explaining not only the pose, but the benefits and purpose of it. During the different poses, he continuously encourages the participants to keep going, while he himself engages in such poses. By looking at him, even if I am struggling a lot to keep going, it inspires me to do so because he is there with us, doing it too and not giving up!

At the end of each session, Noel checks with all the participants to see how they feel about the set and the experience, always with a smile on his face and pure joy emanating from him! And even the day after, he follows up to share and check on each and every one of us to see how we are feeling after the session. He is very attentive with everyone, showing the same care and love to each individual.

Noel is a treat, a wonderfully beautiful human being to connect with and get to know, and under his care you feel appreciated, valued and loved.

Regarding Kundalini Yoga, I have to admit I have tried different styles and Kundalini is one of my favourites. It might seem easy from the outside, but I have to say I did serious workout during some of the sessions without expecting so! The sessions are balanced, mixing different styles of breath, postures and meditations, being challenging and achievable at the same time. I have loved every single session I participated in and I look forward to the next series of sessions Noel might offer in the future!

Noel has been a wonderful teacher to experience Kundalini Yoga for the first time and made me fall in love with it!

Elena, Beautiful Journey, China/Spain

Noel is very passionate and diligent about his work. And he doesn’t perform it like a job, he performs it as karma work to serve people - to raise people consciousness to a higher level.

Felicia, Owner of Yoga Dimensions HK, Hong Kong

The class was very powerful and integrative on many levels. I was surprised as to how deep this practice can go and how much it aligns with other trauma release practices. Noel held the space very well and brings a positive vibe to the class. Thank you 🙏

Pieter, Mind/Body worker, Belgium/Nepal

While I have only attended 20 or so yoga classes ever, I felt the Kundalini Yoga class was well set-up, comfortable, welcoming, and had a good amount of meditation that allowed me to (in combination with the breathing) reach quite intense levels of presence and new perspective that I had not had in a class ever before. I felt the reverberations throughout the next few days.

Julian Gage, Yoga Newbie, Netherlands/USA

I was lucky enough to be the only person who came for Kundalini Yoga class that day in Pokhara, Nepal, which was amazing, powerful and very energetic which lead me to a beautiful realisation of awareness as a result.

Sat nam!


Piotr, Doctor of Medicine, Poland

I met Noel in Pokhara, Nepal through a post at The Juicery Cafe. I contacted him.

It was an awesome learning experience that I had with Noel.

Noel knows what he is doing. He would sit down with me, ask me questions and start keying things on his laptop (Very professional!!!).

After chatting with him, he got an idea of what I needed to practice. My intention was to ground myself, think positive and to have a clearer mind. He really made an effort to prepare the lesson for me.

When I went to our session. He made the room super nice, cozy and fragrant with incense. He is a good teacher who is into details. I felt so great after the first session. The experience after Kundalini Yoga was very nourishing, I asked him to teach me again the day after.

Noel is a well experienced teacher who teaches from his heart. Plus, he learnt a lot from different teachers. His lesson is unique, nourishing, light and fun. He would try his best to teach you. All you need to do is to go with an open heart. I’m sure you would gain a lot out of his teaching.

After he left Pokhara. We still kept in touch. He always supports me emotionally when I am stressed, giving me guidance & is super kind.

Thank you for ya teachings. I will definitely see you soon :)

Tata Tse, Tata omm baby, Hong Kong/Thailand

Noel's class was very challenging but he was able to adapt it to the abilities of the group. There was a good mixture of movement, chanting and relaxing meditation. I felt relaxed afterwards. I liked that he also gave us copies of the exercises so we could practice them at home if we wanted.

Marie Nahlik, English teacher, Thailand/USA

I once took a Kundalini Yoga class by Noel in India. It was my first experience. It wasn't like other yoga, I felt the need for strong patience. I think it will help improve not only the body but also the perseverance and concentration of the spirit.

Kokko, Traveler, Japan

Kundalini Yoga with Noel was a great experience and learning. Even a beginner's class was very intense.

Mohit Chaudhary, Kundalini Experience, India

I had been hearing about Kundalini Yoga and its benefits for a while now and before taking Noel’s class, I always thought it was a bit cultish. I even took a class in New York before and felt a bit uncomfortable in the class.

Noel’s class was not like that at all. He explained things in a clear manner that any regular person can relate to and I felt so at ease throughout the class. This allowed me to fully enjoy and experience what Kundalini Yoga can do for your mind, body, and soul.

I felt so “alive” throughout my body immediately after the class and I’ve been hooked to the practice since. Thank you Noel for making this practice easy to understand and approachable!

Maggie Wu, Entrepreneur, Canada/Hong Kong/Taiwan/USA

Very peaceful and restful, I’d love to take the lesson again

Shirley Lau, Spiritual Guru, China/Hong Kong

It was a really wonderful experience to be present with breath, mind and body led by Noel. I was fully energized and could feel my physical body unblocked and circulated instantly. Noel was very present, and led with clarity and care. What a delight!

Alexis Quek, Defender of the People, Singapore

Love the inner peace it brings to me by the end of class.

Cyn Tok, Student, Singapore

The last time I did yoga was a few years back, and even then I hadn't done it for very long and would not consider myself easily comfortable with new moves or instructions!

There is very little quite like having Noel guide you through a session of Kundalini Yoga - time passes by much quicker than you expect - and frankly there is so much calm and tranquility during the session, you really do walk out feeling like (almost) a newborn.

I remember I had had some trouble sleeping for some time before I started with Noel, and I absolutely slept like a baby that night.

I'm pretty hooked on this now, and looking forward to the next time and the time after (you get it) I'll get to reset with Noel again. There is nothing quite like it - you'll fill more energetic, lighter on your feet, with a bounce in your step for the few days after!

Benjamin Lim, Fun Sprinkler/Legal Counsel, Singapore

As a novice to Kundalini Yoga my first experiences were very uplifting and energizing. I felt a strong meditative aspect which enriched my practice. I felt such a strong energy from Noel too. I will definitely like to attend more classes.

Anju Cawthra, Designer/Maker, England/Singapore

I have heard great things about Noel and decided to join despite not knowing what Kundalini Yoga is. The practices Noel taught us seemed quite simple at first but it really pushed my limits. It was a great workout complemented with tranquil and deep relaxing breaks for the mind and body.

Later that night, I even sobbed in my dreams (which I haven't for ages). Noel assured me it was no coincidence, as we did a lot of clearing at the class. The dreams were indeed related to some of my significant childhood emotions which I needed to let go.

Thanks Noel for easing me into it and reminding me to be aware and embrace all my emotions.

Janny Huynh, Project Manager, Singapore/Vietnam