Akashic Records Consultation

An Akashic Records Consultation can be done face to face or via videotelephony through Facebook Messenger, Skype or WhatsApp. This is a question and answer dialogue session that takes up to 1 hour and 30 minutes. This is sacred time, so plan your day so that you are not rushed. The consultation costs US$160.

You can bring something to record any information you receive. This is very useful for you to look back over the information you receive. As I act as a channel to pass the information, I will not remember most of the information that was communicated to you while I am in your records.

Please click here to download a form that will provide you more information on the Akashic Records and how to prepare for a session.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact me.

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Akashic Records Consultation Testimonials

Prior to the Akashic Records Consultation, I had a strong feeling I need to have one. Curiosity aside, I wanted to get in touch with the spiritual part of me for guidance.

The session gave me reassurance in my decision that I need to make. It definitely helped me gain more clarity in certain aspect of my life at that point of time.

After one month from the Akashic Records Consultation, I am no longer stuck in the questions I had and have moved on with confidence. Definitely will be contacting Noel for more sessions.

Charlene Ng, Always Chasing for Answers, Malaysia/Singapore

I had my first Akashic reading done on the 3rd of November 2017 with Noel and I’m very impressed and happy with the whole session. Noel indeed is a gifted Akashic reader and Channeller.

This session with Noel has helped me to reaffirm which spiritual path I would prefer in my future years to come and also who my spirit guides are. It was a very light and joyful session and I enjoyed the time spent with him during the reading.

Thank you Noel for a lovely and enlightening reading. May you be blessed always to carry on this good work to help all sentient beings.

Dr. Deron Ling, Doctor of Holistic Medicine and Spiritual Coach, Singapore

Noel is a gifted and gentle human being. When the records were opened, he immediately identified the two issues I wanted to get clarification on.

His approach was gentle but empowering and the guidance I received has helped me to move forward. He also makes extra efforts to follow up after the reading.

Thank you, Noel!


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