"If you can practice and understand these chakras, and develop them automatically in your body so they become your companions, then you have seven friends." – Yogi Bhajan


This 8-lesson workshop is designed to balance your chakras, deepen your self exploration journey and to make real-life improvements through your chakra systems.

Chakra are energy centers in our bodies. When our chakras are balanced, energy flows freely - bringing harmony to our physical, mental and emotional well-being.

During class, we will use our breath, mantra, meditation, self-inquiry journaling and yoga to balance our chakras. At the end of each class, you are given a home practice to continue harmonizing your chakras, as well as a practical assignment for you to reflect and facilitate making conscious real-life enhancements.

This is a shared, collaborative and inclusive space where you can learn from, exchange and share vulnerably with other classmates. This is a safe container for self-exploration, development and authenticity.

Please note that each lesson will be recorded. If you cannot attend a lesson live, the video recording will be available for a week for you to watch and practice before the next lesson.

If you are wondering if this workshop is for you, give the first lesson a go and find out!

I look forward to sharing sacred space with you.
Love and light, Noel

Saturday, 5:00 to 6:30pm, Singapore Time (GMT +8)
Starting 5th March, 2022
Last lesson on 23th April, 2022

The Ark, 8 Kim Tian Place, #15-55, Singapore 163008
or Zoom Online

SG$ 35 for the first class
SG$ 240 for the entire workshop

*If this schedule does not work for you, please reach out and we might be able to start another season base on your schedule.


Claire 2

I felt that my overall balance has been very much strengthened as having the knowledge and awareness of how each chakra works is very enlightening for me. So much amazing changes took place for me on the external and internal, and I experienced a great shift in my energies amidst the mundanity of my recent life. I looked forward to every lesson as they had been very well designed and crafted. Noel is more than a wonderful coach who knows his stuffs truly well and was able to deliver all the contents in a very concise and yet impactful manner.

No time was ever wasted and every moment was full of great takeaways.

The entire workshop was a very holistic experience for me, and I had benefited so much from inside out, spiritually and physically. I would highly recommend anyone who is needing a shift, a breakthrough or even a breather from this chaotic world to attend this workshop as you’ve just got to experience this amazing process of transformation for yourself! Love and peace to all ❤️


When I came to the class, my desire was to connect. I am here for results of what I want, not just to feel good or "enlightened"!

And Yes! I got the results I wanted and more. This is my second time attending the workshop. Noel gave his best again and improved it lot compared to the previous workshop. I am sure he will continue improving it in the following workshops. I thought I knew much when I attended this workshop the second time round, but realized that there are so many deeper levels that I could still get into. Why? The content might be similar, but I was not the same. I have been transforming from inside out. Noel is a guide to kick start the engine and lead the way. This workshop is about mastering ourself, getting to know ourself, our body, and where we might never care or notice. Thank you Noel.


Wesker Ling

When I came to the class, my desire was to connect with my inner-self and figure out how to deal with all negative feelings: loneliness, emptiness and pain. At the end of the workshop, I feel like I become a new version of me. Thanks to the lessons and practices on the Chakras, I deeply understand where my negative feelings come from. Noel is a great teacher as well! He encouraged everyone to share feelings and thoughts on group chat, which really helped me express myself more. Besides, at the end of this workshop, I can feel true freedom for the first time in my life, which resulted from getting rid of negative emotions and maintaining a positive attitude during the workshop. So my advice for all future participants is to fully immerse in this 8-week workshop, and I am sure you can see the change inside yourself, like me!



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