What is your lineage to the Akashic Records prayer?

I am a fourth-generation teacher in training and that is very close to the original source. The Akashic Records prayer was given to Johnny Prochaska by the Mayans through his crown chakra in a ceremony at the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico. This prayer was then taught to Mary Parker who is a mentor and teacher to Ernesto Ortiz. Ernesto is my mentor and teacher and I would like to share with you his testimonial that he has for me:

“I met Noel a few years back when he was working as a banker and at the same time as a co-owner of a vegan cafe. I could clearly see the stress and unhappiness that both of these were creating in his life. The signs of inner struggle, but at the same time it was clear that he wanted to break free from that struggle. He took his first Akashic Records class with me and then attended my annual Retreat in Bali. What I could see is the inner desire to break free surfacing, I could see the development of a deep inner connection with the Masters and the shedding of the old as the new self began to surface. For me as a teacher the greatest reward is for someone like Noel breaking free from old limiting patterns to the structuring of a new life of freedom and service.

It is a great honor to support and have Noel as an Akashic Records consultant and as a teacher in training as well.”

I am honored to have Ernesto’s blessing to provide this service to you.

How do you get the information from my Akashic Records?

With your permission, your name and through the use of a sacred prayer, I will access your Akashic Records. From your Akashic Records, I will answer any question that you might have or provide you with any information that the Divine would like for you to know. Your openness determines to a large extent what happens during the session. I receive most of the information via feelings, emotions, and physical sensations. This information is supplemented by sight or simply knowing.

What do I need to do to prepare for a consultation?

Before your consultation, you can prepare yourself by reflecting on your current life circumstances and where you would like greater clarity. No recreational drugs or excessive alcohol are allowed 24 hours before your consultation. Prescription medications are ok. If you need to cancel or reschedule, please do so 24 hours in advance otherwise I might require to take 50% of the consultation costs.

What kind of questions can I ask?

Here some sample questions:

  1. What is my greatest challenge/fear at this time? What is at the root of it? What are my resources to resolve it? What lesson am I to learn from this?
  2. What is the underlying issue between _______________ (mother, boss, spouse, etc.) and me?
  3. What messages do my spiritual assistants (angels, guides? Masters, etc.) Want me to know at this time?
  4. Why do these addictive patterns keep surfacing and what can I do to resolve them?
  5. What erroneous believes do I have?
  6. What is my relationship with money?
  7. Who and what is taking advantage of my time, spirit and energy that prevents me from moving forward in life?
  8. What would be best for me to do in the next couple of months?
  9. What do I need to know about my career?

What should I do after a consultation?

As the Akashic Records come from the ethereal, after your consultation, do drink a lot of water to hydrate yourself and consume preferably organic root vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, parsnips and radishes to ground yourself. Headaches after the consultation are common as your energetic body is adjusting to the Akashic Records. Should the headaches however persist more than 24 hours after your reading, please consult a physician.
It is best to allow yourself some quiet time after the session to reflect and process the information received.