“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”
- Rumi



The Mentoring Program works with the guidance of the Akashic Records to help you Integrate the information and knowledge from the Akashic Records, and gives you the Support to Act in accelerating your personal transformation.

An Akashic Records Consultation gives you guidance in life and answers to the question you seek. The Mentoring Program, with the guidance of the Akashic Records, requires you to commit your energy and time in doing life-changing inner work. No one else can do this but you.

The Mentoring Program is especially beneficial after an Akashic Records Consultation as individuals tend to fall back into their old ways of being and neglect the guidance provided by the Akashic Records. Fear of change and lack of discipline are common reasons.

The Mentoring Program is a holistic approach that combines

  1. heart-based techniques for self-discovery and exploration
  2. results proven practical tools
  3. and the wisdom of the Akashic Records to bring you into alignment with the Divinity within you and to accomplish your soul’s desires, goals, needs and more.

Areas that can be mentored in are:

  • Business and Career
  • Emotional Healing and Trauma Release
  • Empowerment and Motivation
  • Exercise and Fitness
  • Intimacy and Sexuality
  • Intuition and Spirituality
  • Lifestyle and Self-Care
  • Diet and Health
  • Personal Growth
  • Relationships
  • Stress Management and Balance

The Mentoring Program includes

  • Guidance from your Akashic Records during and outside of mentoring sessions
  • Personal one-on-one mentoring via Skype
  • Support from me as needed
  • Techniques for in-depth discovery and self-exploration
  • Tools that consist of Kriya, Mantra, Meditation, Prayer and Pranayam

A package of 4x 1 hour sessions costs SG$ 1,040. You will be taking a deep dive into exploring, growing, learning and stretching. In order to sustain the momentum of your transformation, these mentoring sessions are recommended to occur approximately once every week or at maximum fortnightly.


The universe has always been kind to put people in my path that had a golden heart and Noel was no different. Though he was overdue to come into my life, I felt like the experiences I lived all aligned to bring him to my path at this exact time. A time of maturity, curiosity, uncertainty and rediscovery.

I knew before we started working together that he was right for me and after the first Akashic Records Consultation we had, the kindness, connection and love I felt from Noel told me I wanted to learn more about myself and the universe.

Being a mentee with Noel has been beautiful. A whole entire universe has opened up and now life feels much more than what it used to be. Not because life wasn't but because my eyes were just looking... and not truly seeing.

I have truly enjoyed the journey. Noel is kind, understanding, knowledgeable, and patient and he will give you the confidence you need to expand as well as the safe space to share.

Certainly an experience I recommend to everyone.”



If you're ready to become the true you, to break away from erroneous believe systems, masks and patterns that no longer serve you, and to live a purpose-full life, then let's get started! The Akashic Records and I are here to encourage, guide, mentor, teach and support you. Contact me now to arrange a free call to find out more!



There is no coincidence that you are reading this. The universe has brought us together for good reason. Be curious. Reach out.

“The future depends on what you do today.” ― Mahatma Gandhi


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